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Dance Classes in Malvern

 ‘Dance at 8’ offers you Fun & Entertaining dance classes with A Qualified & Knowledgeable Dance Instructor  - This is your chance to Dance !  (You know you want to)

More dance classes for Adults (and Teenagers) of all ages held in  Worcester, Droitwich & Pershore

Each dance class 1 Full hour in length


‘Dance at 8’ classes at the Grove Primary School

Pickersleigh Grove

Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2LU

Dance classes in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Learn More with ‘Dance at 8’ - IDTA

Calendar Page. Directions & Map.

More classes just down the road in Worcester - Click here for Details

 So you want to dance - What do you do now?

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter for all the latest class information.
  2. Choose a class (or classes) that sound interesting, put them on  your calendar, tell all your friends and just come along. There is  no need to sign up, Just come along to the dates above.  
  3. Print off our latest handout here


•  Our classes and events are open to anyone with or without a    dance partner.

•  Beginners “Step 1” dance classes are just £6 per person for 1 Full hour with a Qualified & Knowledgeable Dance Instructor. You only pay for the classes you attend. There is No Obligation.

'Dance at 8' offers you the widest range of dance styles to get you moving around the floor with Confidence and Style. We make dancing Fun and Easy for you! 

A warm welcome for all regardless of where you currently dance.

See you soon.

‘Dance at 8’ ~ IDTA

The Best dancing in Worcestershire

Please Note

Press here to receive our Free Newsletter. Beginners “Step 1”
Classes just £6
Per class

Starting Wednesday February 20th, 2019 ~ 6 weeks

Last chance to join in Feb 27th  

7:30pm – 8:30pm  'STEP TWO' ‘Quickstep’ Variations (For Improvers)

An opportunity to add some simple but effective variations to your basic routine. The Quickstep is a quick version of the Foxtrot. It is a ballroom dance comprised of somewhat quick stepping (not as quick as you think), syncopated feet rhythms, and runs of quick steps. The Quickstep is exciting to watch and lots of fun to learn. The music has a great ‘Swing’ feel to it and as with all dances it does need practice, but it’s a great feeling when you ‘get it’!

Suitable for: Dancers who have completed a Beginners course

and more experienced dancers who have yet to experience this

style of Dance (or would like a refresher.) Everyone welcome,

egardless of where you currently dance. For more information phone  'Dance at 8' on 01905 427511. Sessions are £7 each - Pay as you go.


8:30pm - 9:30pm 'STEP ONE' 1950’s Rock & Roll for Beginners

Your chance to dance to the great sounds of the 1950’s with our stylish Rock & Roll routine based on the simple original style. All the typical moves and variations with easy to learn basic steps. If you like Rock & Roll music then this is for you.

Suitable for: Absolute Beginners with no dance experience to more experienced dancers who have yet to experience this style of Dance (or would like a refresher.) Everyone welcome, Regardless of where you currently dance.   For more information phone 'Dance at 8' on 01905 427511. Sessions are £7 each - Pay as you go.

We rotate our wide variety of dance styles around our venues in Worcestershire so that everyone has a chance to learn all of the dance styles.

Our dance classes in Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern & Pershore are not too far from each other and many people travel to our other venues.

If you see a class at a location near you that looks interesting, take it while you can, because we do so many different dance styles it may be a while before it returns to that venue.

Our classes normally run for 6 weeks in length.  In that time we concentrate on only one or two dance styles as advertised.  This allows you to really focus on that particular dance. With Dance at 8’s method of teaching you get a very solid routine in just 6 weeks which you will feel confident dancing socially providing you practice.

Everyone welcome Singles & Couples.

Beginners may join up to the second week - no later - unless you have previous experience with that dance style or have contacted us. 01905 427511

We teach technique throughout all of our classes. (Even beginners) so even if you have been dancing for years don't be put off by our Beginners classes. We also choreograph all our dance steps so we don't just do the standard 'basic steps’. Even if you have been dancing for years you never know what you may have forgotten (or indeed have never learned).

So come along and have some fun !